Smoking and Behcets

All the symptoms and up to date research can be found here

Smoking and Behcets

Being a smoker with Behctes I have firsthand experience.

My neurologist told me I had to stop smoking, but after about a week the ulcers in my mouth returned and I thought it was just a flare so I treated It like I always do, antiseptic mouth wash and some local anesthetic ointment for when I eat, but it did not as always help so I started to look around and found some research about smoking and Behcets.

You see a lot of clinical tests done that show that nicotine helps with the symptoms of Behcets. I tried the nicotine patch but it was not effective for me, also the nicotine gum did not really work for me. In the end after weighing the pros and cons I started smoking again and within two days the ulcers started to go away.

94% of the “being healthy” books you read today tell you that smoking is bad, don’t get me wrong I am not telling you to start, but can yesterday’s “being healthy” and ” today’s being healthy” be written on the same page?

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