Smoking and Behcets Revised

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Smoking and Behcets Revision 2

As many of you may be aware smoking is very efective in the control of mouh ulcers in Behcets. It has worked very well for me but I may have come across a less harmful solution.

Browsing Youtube one night I came across a video of a guy blowing vapour like a steam train. Aquick look on Google informed me that the humble e-cigarette had evolved into a much more potent nicotine delivering system. I had tried e-cigrettes before a few years ago but without much succes. Between the struggling to refill and the juice getting in your mouth, not enough nicotine was getting were it was supposed to and the ulcers just kept coming back which resulted in me returning to burning tobacco. I decided to give the new improved product a go.

The wonderful people at the local South African e-cigarette forum helped me getting set up with gear and some e-juice.

It took me a week to completely vape for a whole day without lighting up. At this point there is no sign of ulcers. I have been tobacco free for two weeks now and I feel a lot belter, I can breathe better and my sense of taste and smell is coming back.

If you have BD and smoke to get rid of the ulcers like I use to, try vaping it might work as well for you as it does for me. Overall I just feel better. I was a heavy smoker for the best part of 20 years and I could not believe how easy it was to switch over.

For the people at ECIGSSA thank you for your assistance, help and trust, I could not have done this without you.

If you are a Vaper local or international, join the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge, friendly and helpful people, people that became friends.

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