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In 2001 I was hospitalized and miss diagnosed with meningitis and encephalitis. 4 Strokes later the revised opinion and correct diagnosis was Behcets

I was relieved to have a diagnosis but when I asked my GP to explain my condition to me he shrugged, apologized “It’s a rare auto immune disease, we only really touched on it in medical school” handed me a confusing regime of medication and sent me out the door.

At the time I was the only diagnosed case of Behcets in South Africa, I had a lot of questions, no answers and no support. 6 Months earlier I was healthy, fit, working and carefree. Al of a sudden I was out of work, in a wheelchair and very alone and very frightened. In a very short time Behcets had robbed me of the life I knew.

I spent ages scouring the internet for more information and support. In July 2010 I attended the International Behcets Conference in London UK where I met many other Behcets sufferers and the wonderful and brilliant people who spend their life treating and fighting the disease.

I returned with knowledge, advice, support and HOPE!

I was no longer alone or frightened.

I was on a mission…

With new-found knowledge I “educated” my own GP and sought out the correct medical specialists to better deal with my disease. Informed management of my medication and lifestyle has improved my quality of life and life expectancy significantly. I cannot undo the damage that the initial mismanagement or misdiagnosis of my disease has done to my body but I can help others to avoid the same mistakes

It is my opinion that Bechets is very much mis/under diagnosed in Sub Saharan Africa because of its “rare” status. And as time passes and awareness increases more cases has come to light in SA.

I have started this website to increase awareness of Bechets and more importantly to support my fellow sufferers.


I will post information on new drugs, local specialists and support groups on the website as fast as I can gather it. So come back and have a look every now and then.

We have a Facebook group Please join and come and introduce yourself or mail me if you have any questions at

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  1. Hi my name is Richardt Strydom ,my wife of 26 has been diagnosed with this syndrome .She had mouth and vaginal ulcers,then went to the doctor who diagnosed her.We are totally in the dark I dont think the doctor really understands ,I want to get a second opinion but ,dont really know what to do.Since then she has googled acc and were reading all the horrible thing that can happen ,and its put us in more of a spin.She has muscle tention,says it feels like shes ran a marathon ,this week shes had bad head aches.But with reading on internet Im wondering if it is really this syndrome or just stress.Her mother has bad candida from stress,and has depression ,so im wondering if this is not just her body lashing out from stress and anxiety ,I lost my dad 3 years ago and have bad anxiety ,this wasnt easy on her,Like I cant cry and my body deals with stress in the form of anxiety ,her mother gets bad sores on her head when she stresses,I dont know.Please help me /us.

    I want to support her, but I need correct information from the beginning that I can help her manage this.So my questions are( 1)How can I test to be 100% sure she has this specific disorder? (2)can she benifit from a anti depresant /ani anxiety pill to keep stress at a min if she has this disorder?(3)If I understand correctly with the blood clotting if she has this disorder can she benifit from asprin every day to keep her blood thin?

    PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!

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